Agricultural By-products

Agricultural By-products

Agricultural By-Products and Grape By-Product
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We are a key partner in the wine industry’s sustainability programs. We process residues from wine-making into viable commercial products. As a result of this partnership we are proud to have emerged as the leading grape by-product service provider in California.

Grapeseed Oil

Our logistics operation provides a fully integrated service to receive and transport grape skins and seeds (pomace) from Central Valley and Northern California wineries to our facilities in Livingston and Fresno – where we create agricultural by-products ranging from commercial grape seed oil used for cooking and cosmetics, to animal feed for dairy and beef cattle, and poultry.

Our products also retain the health benefits related to grapes, including potent antioxidants in the skins as well as omega-6 oil and gluten-free fiber in the seeds.


We sell to both the domestic and international markets. Contact us if you would like to inquire as to the sale and/or purchase of wine grape by-products.

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