ZIPZ Single Serve Wine Package

ZIPZ Single Serve Wine Package

The Perfect Extension for Your Brand
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The Revolutionary Single Serve Wine Package

G3 Enterprises and Zipz have partnered to bring the newest design to the industry - Zipz, the elegant single serve wine package with the best oxygen management system in the wine industry. A concept first seen on Shark Tank in 2014, Zipz and G3 have partnered to develop the next generation of high quality single serve packages and the most advanced bottling line.

The revolutionary package design, made of high quality, eco-friendly PET with patented CleanWrapTM technology, and with G3’s custom-built state-of-science bottling line, enable premium, high quality wine to stay fresh up to 12 months. Zipz was designed on the premise that wine should go everywhere and anywhere – and so should your brand.

Packaging Highlights:

  • Only single serve that looks and feels like a traditional wine glass.
  • CleanWrapTM protects the glass from contamination during storage and handling and prevents the damaging effects of light to extend shelf life.
  • DiamondclearTM Oxygen Scavenger eliminates nearly all O2 present after bottling, and ensures up to 12-months of shelf-life.
  • PET Glass and wrap are 100% recyclable, shatter proof and spill proof.
  • The lid serves three important functions: prevents puncture of seal during transport, serves as a non-skid coaster and replaceable lid, and can be branded with logos, venue name or sponsor with social media URL.
  • The most advanced bottling equipment and technology is utilized to optimize bottling efficiency and achieve the lowest Total Package Oxygen of any single-serve wine

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