Training & Development

Training & Development

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We are committed to the success of individuals and teams at G3. And that's not just talk. We take action.

Employees at G3

With a wide variety of training opportunities available inside and outside the company, G3 employees can continually find ways to keep their skills sharp. In addition, G3 has a generous educational reimbursement policy for employees interested in pursuing degrees related to our business.

Leaders at G3

G3 is proud to offer best-in-class leadership development that was designed specifically for G3 and customized to the leaders' level in the organization. G3 leaders participate in cross-functional classroom training that focuses on applying skills, concepts and techniques to their specific areas of responsibility. In addition, leaders can reconvene in smaller groups to work out issues and pursue opportunities with the expertise, creativity and support of their counterparts across the company. We have also created online training for many subjects to provide optimum convenience and self-paced learning.

Additional Learning Opportunities

G3 is proud to provide an online performance assessment, 360 feedback, learning styles assessments and team role preference measures that help our employees leverage their strengths and take advantage of diversity on their teams. We have an active mentoring program and provide coaching and support to all of our leaders on everything from performance management to business planning.

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Values & Ethics

Values & Ethics

G3 Enterprises has a set of core values that guides how we operate our business.