Vinotop™ Synthetic Corks

Vinotop™ Synthetic Corks

Alternative Synthetic Closures
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Synthetic Corks "Vinotop"

The Vinotop is another innovation that has greatly influenced and benefited the wine industry. As a result of its patented foam core and elastic no-leak seal, Vinotop closures ensure that oxygen transmission occurs in predictable and uniform rates. By using state-of-the-art technology, the integrity of these closure safeguards the reliability of the wine.

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  • Co-extruded alternative cork available in 36mm and 42mm lengths
  • Foamed core of uniform cells provides consistent performance and predictable oxygen transmission
  • Elastic outer skin offers a tight, no-leak seal
  • Available in wood and custom colors

Quality testing available at G3's state-of-the-art lab, including:

  • Dimensional consistency
  • Mechanical performance (extraction force and leakage)
  • Sensory performance
  • Ink adhesion
  • Cell size and density

Vinotop Synthetic Cork is a partnership between G3 and Nomacorc. Working together to provide world-class products and customer support, G3 is the Canadian representative of Nomacorc for the territory of Quebec.

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