Making Your Bottle A Work of Art!
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Current G INK Technology:

  • Thermochromic Ink – A temperature-sensitive ink capable of changing color at a defined point.
  • Photochromic Ink – An ultraviolet sensitive ink that activates upon exposure to UV or sunlight.
  • Bichromic Ink – A color-shifting ink with interactive colors when viewed from different angles of light.
  • G INK Reflection – The luxurious look of foil, for less.

G INK Label Benefits:

  • High-quality look and feel with consistent technical performance on coated paper stocks, including laminates.
  • Opens up new creative opportunities with a wide range of color options.
  • Can be printed in combination with other design techniques such as foil and embossing.
  • G INK is available for flexographic printed labels and 30x60mm aluminum cap closures, giving a distinctive way to increase impact on retail shelves or cold box displays.
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