Mobile Bottling

Mobile Bottling

California Mobile Bottling and Bottle Service
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Increase Your Capacity, Capability and Flexibility

Our Mobile Bottling operation is the best and most versatile in the industry. We own the most advanced bottling lines, designed to deliver unparalleled quality. We have four high-quality bottling lines, including the first mobile bag-in-box and an alternative packaging line capable of bottling PET and flat-panel bottles for wine and spirits. Moreover, our recent expansion has increased our bottling capacity, capability and flexibility, allowing customers to react quickly to the market. We offer bottle service at a customer's location or at our facility.

Mobile Bottling Services

With a broad base of experience, we handle a wide range of packages and production volumes and effectively apply our knowledge to manage every aspect of our customers' demands.

Our bottling services include:

  • Bottle cleaning/sparging (nitrogen)
  • Filling
  • Closure application (cork & capsule - PVC, polylam or tin or screw cap)
  • Pressure-sensitive labeling
  • Bottle-production coding
  • In-line case printing (two sides)
  • Automated glue-case sealing

We are flexible, friendly and easy to work with:

  • No minimum production run size (a minimum daily rate applies)
  • Multiple trailers with broad range of capabilities
  • Capable of multiple shifts
  • We are a bonded winery: we will come to you or you can bring your wine to our facility for bottling
  • You can provide your own wine and materials or we can source them for you
Quality & Process Control

Quality & Process Control

Our team of experts consists of microbiologists and chemists who understand the nature of wine and its reaction to different environments and conditions, as well as engineers, mechanics and manufacturers dedicated to optimizing our processes. As part of our service, we measure and record up to 28 quality checks per hour throughout the bottling of your product. Our Production team submits this information via a detailed production report that includes the following:

  • Trailer wine system sterilization, verification of critical product and bottle contact points from wine in-feed to center bells.
    • We measure and record temperatures of filter housings, filler bowl and filler valve CIP cups. When temperature on all critical points is above 185 degrees Fahrenheit, we start the timer and sterilize for 30 minutes, taking temperature readings at 15- and 30-minute intervals.
  • ATP swab analysis after sanitation and prior to start-up
  • Additional steam sanitation if line is down more than two hours
  • Dissolved oxygen readings hourly, to minimize oxygen pickup during production
  • Label placement
  • Cork vacuum and depth
  • Screw cap slip and break torques
  • Bottle date code
  • Case print



  • ISO 9001, Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001, Environmental Management System

Waste Reduction

  • More than 200 tons of waste material diverted from landfill through recycling program
  • Sodium-based cleaning materials being replaced with potassium-based materials, decreasing total dissolved solids
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