Box, Alternative Packaging & Spirits

Box, Alternative Packaging & Spirits

Alternative Packaging & Spirits Packaging
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Line 3: Alternative Packaging & Spirits

  • Up to 120 bottles per minute (determined by package or ability to pack off)
  • Screw cap package only; ROPE, torque-on (screw-cap premium or continuous thread)
  • Glass, PET, aluminum
  • Flat panel or rounded bottles (may need change parts, depends on package)
  • Between 53mm to 134mm in diameter (50mL to 1.75L)
  • Maximum bottle height = 355mm
  • Gravity filler
  • Rotary labeler (three-station pressure sensitive)
  • Bottle coding
  • Case sealing
  • In-line case printing

Mobile Bottling

Line 4: Bag-in-Box

  • First mobile bag-in-box line in the United States
  • Up to 12 bags per minute
  • 1.5L, 1.75L, 3.0L and 5.0L box
  • Premade bags, web-fed
  • Adjustable filler value (right, left, center)
  • In-line carton (must be pre-seamed) and shipper forming
  • Maximum box dimension = 16" H x 10" W x 20" L
  • Carton date coding
  • Leading or trailing spout capable

Line 5: One-way petainerKegTM Filler

  • First mobile kegging line in the United States
  • Up to 60 kegs per hour
  • KHS PetBoy dual-head filler ensures the best products and filling results
  • Can fill 20L or 30L Classic kegs
  • Applicable for wine, beer, cider, water, coffee, or other beverages

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