Boisé® Oak Chips

Boisé® Oak Chips

High-Quality French Oak Barrel Alternatives
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Boisé® Premium, Innovative Oak Alternatives

Boisé®, a line of premium oak products which help winemakers create precise and consistent wine profiles. Owned by the French global leading consulting and R&D company, Vivelys, Boisé® is recognized as a world leader in innovative oak alternatives in the wine industry.

The Boisé® product range is a selection of 11 complementary chips that can be assembled to serve as a basis for the winemaker in creating wine profiles. Each chip has very specific organoleptic characteristics that allow the winemaker to directly impact aromatic profile and balance on the palate.

In addition, the latest "Signature" products have been recently introduced to the market. Boisé®Signature is a convenient, simple-to-apply oak chips blend solution to craft a precise and high quality aging. Offered in two exclusive options, "Y" intensifies wines while keeping characters free of oak notes and "T" helps achieve more complex wines and brings toasted notes and fine structure on the palate.

G3 is a distributor of Boisé® oak chips in the United States. For future inquiries, please contact us.

Boisé test kits are now available for online order at

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